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Deeply Rooted Lavender


Featuring Taylor Thomas


To see someone have passion for what they do, to see it radiate through them and define who they are; it’s simply beautiful. It’s truly something everyone should seek to find for themselves, but witnessing it in others - to see passion in its purest form - is rare and exhilarating. This is how I felt looking through my lens while photographing Taylor of Deeply Rooted Farms while she was harvesting lavender to make oil.

Deeply Rooted Passion

Taylor’s deeply rooted passion for farming comes naturally as a 5th generation farmer from Mason Valley, Nevada. She took a brief hiatus from agriculture and lived in the city of Los Angeles for awhile where she would visit local farms to quench her thirst for home. Soon her own family, especially her grammy, would draw her back to the Nevadan desert to help her sprout her own legacy in 2016.

Continuing the family tradition in her hometown, Taylor became the owner of Deeply Rooted Farms in 2020, honoring her family’s historic roots, but paving her own way with a new crop: lavender. She’s always had a strong love of the purple plant from it’s naturally amazing smell to it’s powerful holistic benefits, but lavender made perfect sense when paired with the dry, Nevada soil. She spent four years deep in research before settling on this drought tolerant shrub. She bought her first plants in 2019, and now she grows multiple varieties, which allows her to help people in a multitude of ways.

Each variety of lavender that she grows has different uses, and she currently has a retail line of soap, sachets, extracts, polish, sugar, brownie mix, lemonade, hot chocolate, short bread cookies, herbal teas, bundles, and hats. These products are available on her website and some products are available at “Keep Growing”, a wellness shop in Carson City, Nevada.

Every day, Taylor strives to add more to her knowledge base as well as add more products for the public to enjoy. Her most recent venture has enabled her to partner with another business serving their community, The Old Dairy Barn, a local wedding venue where she just finished planting over 230 plants to create a beautiful lavender garden for guests to enjoy. Taylor is so excited for the community to have the opportunity to appreciate this wonderful herb. Not only is it available for use by brides and grooms, but all of the wedding guests will be able to enjoy the field for photos. It will become a stunning backdrop while also creating a natural sense of calm, one of the plant’s aromatic benefits.

You can follow Taylor on her journey as she continues to educate us about all of the amazing benefits of lavender. You can access her website at to directly purchase her locally grown products. You can also follow her daily life on Instagram @tayloratdeeplyrooted for fun videos, how-to’s, and stunning pictures of her life as a farmer. Her deeply rooted passion is sure to rub off on you!





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